About Me:

I’ve been in business for over twenty years.
I’ve attended Business School, and also enjoy writing.
I’m a member of The Pennwriter’s Association, and The Slackwriter’s Group at Penn State.
This is a project I’ve been working on, and I wanted to introduce: Awesome Traditional Recipes.”

My cookbook is awesome, and when you taste the flavors that endure from the recipes you’ll be sure to use these again, and again. I’ve made these recipes easy to put together, and easy to cook. “A good meal warms the heart,” they say. Whether you’re a new bride to be or a college graduate, and you’d like to make your husband or fiance’ a quality dinner for two. Don’t forget the candles… These recipes are sure to win his heart.

I even put my own spaghetti sauce recipe in this cookbook. It’s a keeper. You get a little taste of Italy right at your own home. It’s so… yummy! Other recipes include an Italian Love Cake. Sure to win him over with your own heart shaped chocolates.


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